Health Plans

Prevention is essential.

Ticino Animal Hospital is available both when your pet is sick or if there is a need for constant support throughout the year, in order to prevent the onset of diseases or for early diagnosis.
We have created a series of «ad hoc» Health Plans for different types of patients and their needs.
Each Plan includes visits, examinations, and diagnostic procedures scheduled over several appointments.

What is it?

What is a Health Plan (HP)?

Preventive medicine is the best way to keep your furry friends healthy. Only Ticino Animal Hospital safeguards the health of your pet and the people close to them, starting from basic procedures right up to specialized procedures at a very good price.

The HP gives you the opportunity to choose a personalized path based on the species, age, and breed of your pet, handling specific stages of their life (puppy, adult, senior) to perform preventive check-ups, or just to handle routine treatments that your pet needs during their life (e.g. vaccinations, weight control, de-worming). Preventive medicine facilitates the possibility of an early diagnosis, to recognize aspects that if identified after the symptomatology would require expensive and risky surgery.
For their healthcare and your peace of mind.

How does a Health Plan work?

Through different levels of care, also linked to the stage of their life, you can be sure to give the best possible care to your pet.
Regular scheduled appointments allow monitoring of the general health status of your pet. They also help identify, as soon as possible, any subtle changes that anticipate diseases which may put your best friend in danger and treat them when it is still possible to do so. Make sure your pets are receiving the preventive medicine measures they really need. Happy and healthy from nose to tail.

Make no mistake...

Our HP should not be mistaken with medical insurance. The HP are designed to offer all the services of basic medicine, regular visits, vaccinations, prevention against the most common parasites, discounts on services, products, and medications linked with a variable number of additional services depending on the needs of your four-legged companion.
Actively monitoring the health and well-being of the pet you love.







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