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Cardiology and Echocardiography

It also offers ambulatory diagnostic services and consultations with in-house veterinarians. Thanks to our veterinarians, advanced instrumentation and equipment in the new intensive care unit, Ticino Animal Hospital is a forerunner centre in Canton Ticino.

  • Management of cardiological emergencies: our intensive and semi-intensive care can accommodate every patient and guarantee continuous assistance H24.
  • Diagnosis of heart diseases: this examination should be prescribed whenever the veterinarian, upon cardiac auscultation, perceives a murmur in both young and elderly animals. Cough, syncopal episodes, weakness and fatigue should not be overlooked, and the echocardiographic examination is always recommended in these cases.
  • Health Plans: it is possible to control the heart's condition over time by implementing an effective therapy in the early stages of this subtle disease before typical symptoms appear. This helps ensure good health and a longer life expectancy. Echocardiography is recommended for dogs and cats of certain predisposed breeds. It can be included in your pet's health plan at an advantageous price.

What is an Echocardiogram?
The echocardiogram is a diagnostic test that uses ultrasound waves to obtain information on the cardiac contractility, the great vessels, the morphology of the heart valves, and the blood flow. Unlike the X-rays used in radiology, ultrasounds are harmless and require no precautions, making them safe for countless examinations on any patient.
The echocardiography is not painful or dangerous.

Anyone can undergo echocardiography?
There are no particular shortcomings to echocardiography: anyone can undergo the examination.

Preparation Rules

  • medical treatment: your pet can take morning medicines with a little water; only drugs indicated by your veterinarian must be stopped
  • The patient must fast for at least 8 hours, with the exception of water intake, in case haematological examinations to supplement the analysis should be needed
  • Bring all previous cardiological records

Is transthoracic echocardiogram painful or dangerous?
The transthoracic echocardiogram is neither invasive nor painful and makes it possible to resume normal routine immediately after the examination.

Holter ECG (Holter dynamic electrocardiogram)
The Holter ECG is a diagnostic exam that monitors the heart's electrical activity for 24 hours nonstop. Holter monitor is required in the following cases:

  • Monitor the heart rhythm and check for cardiac arrhythmias and their type, exact number and spread over 24 hours. This gives the cardiologist precise and extremely useful data for assessing necessary treatment.
    These arrhythmias could also occur in patients with a "healthy" heart from anatomic and functional aspects. In practice, a standard electrocardiogram and a subsequent colour-Doppler echocardiogram, both with negative results, do not exclude the presence of arrhythmias.
    The Holter ECG is advised for patients under pharmacological treatment for arrhythmia to precisely evaluate the therapy's effectiveness throughout the day.
  • In-depth diagnosis: this examination is also useful for non-cardiac diseases or diseases of doubtful cardiac origin
  • Suited for cases of loss of consciousness, "blackouts", and "falls", of possible arrhythmic cause.

Examination execution
Ticino Animal Hospital has state-of-the-art, lightweight, and extremely reliable equipment.
Electrodes are placed on the patient's chest and then linked to a small battery-powered device attached on a suit. The patient can live a normal life with excellent agility but should avoid accidentally wetting or hitting the equipment or removing chest electrodes.
To keep track of daily events, the owner should fill in a diary detailing wake time, sleep time, food and medicine intake, symptoms, main activities during the day or special events. After the established time, please return to our Centre to remove the equipment.
The cardiologist will interpret the results (no automated reading available) and provide a precise report as quickly as possible.

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