Diagnostic Imaging

Cutting-edge technologies for a more accurate diagnosis.

With the terms of imaging or biomedical imaging, or diagnostic imaging, we refer to the generic process through which it is possible to observe an area of an organism not visible from the outside.
Ticino Animal Hospital offers various services.

Digital radiology: devices studied and built specifically for animals, together with the latest technologies in the medical field can obtain very high-definition radiograms to provide a diagnosis with the utmost precision.

Ultrasounds: with ultrasounds we can get dynamic images in real time. It is used to examine the internal structure and the function of organs and the heart, to diagnose pregnancy and to monitor foetal development. During ultrasounds the patient is awake and will not experience pain.

Computed Tomography Scan (CT scan) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): second-level diagnostic tools used when simpler exams are not enough to make a precise diagnosis. They allow the study of organs and/or diseases in each area, perform guided biopsies, and provide useful important information which can formulate a treatment approach specific for each patient.

Ticino Animal Hospital now offers internal CT and MRI service thus becoming one of the first specialized centers in Switzerland. Appointments are arranged directly with the radiologist by calling 091 225 37 65.

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