Emergency Room

A department ready to face all emergencies, 24/7.

Our Emergency Room department provides assistance in handling every emergency or urgency with dogs and cats 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Veterinarians with training and experience in intensive care will perform all basic and advanced procedures to stabilize the patient. Should emergency surgery be necessary, a surgical team will take care of your pet, even during the night and on every holiday.
Sometimes it may be necessary to hospitalize the patient to ensure continuous monitoring and advanced treatment support.


  • persistent vomiting
  • diarrhoea
  • sudden coughs
  • allergic reactions to medications or insect stings
  • fever
  • shock states
  • suspected poisoning and foreign body ingestion
  • gastric torsion
  • delivery problems
  • massive haemorrhages and coagulation disorders
  • PTSD following car accidents
  • bite wounds
  • burns
  • breathing problems
  • heart failure and arrhythmia
  • metabolic or endocrine decompensation disease
  • convulsions
  • collapses
  • lethargy and severe fatigue
  • acute infectious diseases
  • acute and chronic kidney failure

Inform us of your arrival with an emergency by calling the following number +41 (0)91 225 3765

During emergency only hours, the facility can be accessed by ringing the bell located at the entrance.

Write us if you need us, for info
or to request an appointment