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Nutrition is a branch of Veterinary Medicine that plays a crucial role in the life of every animal.
From birth, dogs and cats need to follow a diet that supports their physiological growth, and in adulthood, they must receive a complete and balanced diet that satisfies all their nutritional needs.

Clinical nutrition deals with the formulation of suitable nutritional plans to support patients with conditions where nutritional management is an essential component of the therapeutic protocol for animals in pathological or critical conditions.

Patients who frequently require a specialized nutritional approach present issues such as:

  • loss of appetite
  • obesity
  • weight loss
  • intolerance to certain foods
  • persistent vomiting or diarrhea
  • dermatopathies of suspected dietary origin.

The Dog and Cat Dietetics group at Ticino Animal Hospital collaborates daily with referring veterinarians in internal medicine (Gastroenterology, Nephrology and Urology, Endocrinology, Neurology, Oncology, General Medicine) to provide the most appropriate nutritional support using the latest knowledge in clinical nutrition for dogs and cats.
Also crucial is the collaboration with the Veterinarians of the hospitalization and intensive care group, where early feeding with specific diets supports the vital functions of critically ill patients, surgical intensive care, and the medical oncology department.

Within our hospital, through on-site nutritional visits or telemedical nutritional consultations, we handle:

  • Formulation of personalized nutritional plans (using homemade or commercial diets) for every physiological stage of the lives of dogs and cats (puppy, adult, pregnancy, lactation, senility).
  • Formulation of personalized nutritional plans (using homemade or commercial diets) based on specific pathological conditions (for example: chronic enteropathies, liver diseases, food intolerances or allergies, all types of urolithiasis, chronic kidney disease, diabetes mellitus, obesity).
  • Specialized nutritional support for competitive, athletic, and working animals.
  • Specialized nutritional support for hospitalized patients.

Our team of veterinarians can formulate fresh, home-cooked diets tailored to every need. With or without starch, with or without grains, based on the tastes and specific needs of your animal.

Nutraceuticals and functional supplements, that is, all-natural active ingredients that can be included in a diet to enhance its beneficial effects, are part of our arsenal.

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