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Emergency Room

Our Emergency Department provides 24/7 assistance for dogs and cats experiencing emergencies or urgent needs , every day of the year.

Please notify by calling +41 (0)91 225 3765
After you arrive in the emergency room, a specific triage visit will be carried out by a Veterinary Doctor or a veterinary practice assistant to determine the priority of access based on the level of urgency.

The most serious and urgent cases access first
Due to the number of present or incoming serious patients, waiting times may increase. In agreement with the owner, a visit to the on-call Veterinary Doctor, the general veterinarian, or other veterinary centres can be organised for less serious cases.

Delays are possible in the event of large attendance; the reception staff will regularly inform patients of the progress of the service.
The waiting time is constantly monitored and evaluated to ensure prompt and high-quality service for all patients.

Intended as a transition step, after the initial triage, patients are directed to the appropriate department.

In the most serious cases, Veterinary Doctors with specific training and experience in emergency medicine will perform all the basic and advanced procedures to stabilise the patient and improve their clinical status. Sometimes, it may be necessary to hospitalise the patient to ensure continuous monitoring and advanced treatment support. If your pet requires emergency surgery, a surgical team will be available 24/7, including holidays.


  • persistent vomiting
  • diarrhoea
  • sudden coughs
  • allergic reactions to medications or insect stings
  • fever
  • shock states
  • suspected poisoning and foreign body ingestion
  • gastric torsion
  • delivery problems
  • massive haemorrhages and coagulation disorders
  • PTSD following car accidents
  • bite wounds
  • burns
  • breathing problems
  • heart failure and arrhythmia
  • metabolic or endocrine decompensation disease
  • convulsions
  • collapses
  • lethargy and severe fatigue
  • acute infectious diseases
  • acute and chronic kidney failure

During first aid hours (20:00 - 08:00) it is possible to access the facility using the bell located to the right of the building's entrance, opposite the main car park.

The entrance to the emergency room is on the 1st floor where it is possible to access via the stairs or the lift. In case of difficulty in transporting the patient, it is possible to request transport on a stretcher from the car park to the 1st floor. Please note that the hospital does not have an ambulance service and no home visits are made.

Notify your arrival in case of emergency by calling +41 (0) 91 225 3765

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