oncologia veterinaria oncologia per cani e gatti


The growing attention towards canine and feline health has led to an increase in diagnosis of tumour forms. Nevertheless, as it happens in human medicine, there is better prognosis thanks to specific knowledge in veterinary oncology and prompt precise intervention.

In fact, relying on a centre like Ticino Animal Hospital for prevention and early oncological diagnosis maximizes the probability of a full recovery. A simple gesture to guarantee your animal’s quality of life.

The most common tumours in dogs and cats affect the skin. Tumors of this type are typically easily detectable, often through visible nodules or palpation by the owner. As soon as you find one, you should contact your veterinarian. An early diagnosis maximises the probability of a recovery

Veterinary oncologists work in multidisciplinary teams – with surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, and nutritionists – and guarantee each patient the utmost up-to-date international standards of care through integrated therapy, which is currently the basis of every modern treatment.
The multidisciplinarity, patient focus, research activity and dedication of our veterinary doctors guarantees the highest attainable standard of care.

The department has a ordinary hospitalisation area and a dedicated specialist clinic.

It is open Monday to Friday, five days a week, both in the morning and afternoon.
The owner or the general veterinarian can request ambulatory visits by phone or mail, which will be scheduled according to the treatment plan.
Doc. Caterina Borgonovo (Master's degree in Veterinarian Oncology) manages the department and coordinates the activity with other departments.

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Internal medicine and oncology

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