gravidanza veterinaria gravidanza cani e gatti


Ticino Animal Hospital's Pregnancies program aims to guarantee prevention, diagnosis and medical therapy at every stage of the delicate reproduction process, also guaranteeing specialized pre- and post-birth.

servizi gravidanza per cani e gatti femmina

Specialized services - female

  • Full Gynaecological Examination: for all healthy bitches and female cats before starting to reproduce, and for animals suffering from fertility problems (difficulty in conceiving, low number of puppies). Including a clinical and endoscopic examination of vagina and vulva, and a gynaecological ultrasound to evaluate the uterus and ovaries. It is also possible to perform vaginal swabs to evaluate bacterial flora and for mycoplasma research.

  • Monitoring Onset of Heat: through vaginal smear and progesterone dosage it is possible to identify the day of ovulation and the period of maximum fertility to ensure the highest conception rate.

  • Diagnosis and ultrasound monitoring of pregnancy: ultrasound is the safest and earliest diagnostic method for pregnancy. It allows measurement of foetal structures to obtain an accurate prediction of the date of birth, which is particularly important in the case of a scheduled caesarean section.

  • Help with delivery and emergency scheduled caesarean section: Ticino Animal Hospital collaborates with Dr. Beccaglia allowing availability 24/7. We will provide assistance in these delicate stages to ensure the survival of the cubs and the mother.

  • Deep intra-uterine and vaginal inseminations: this method is used when there are geographical barriers between the male and the female or when there is poor availability of the female or of interest of the male. It is quick, simple, painless, repeatable and, normally, does not require sedation. It allows to deposit the fresh, cool or frozen male semen directly into the vagina or the uterus using specific equipment. If you are planning artificial insemination, it is essential to contact us the first day of heat to have time to organize the procedure in the best way.

  • Solicit or Terminate Heat.

  • Termination of Unwanted Pregnancy: it is possible to perform termination up to about 40 days after mating in a safe manner and without altering the future reproductive capacity of the patient.

  • Gynaecological Surgery: performed only if medical treatment fails, in specific cases.

Specialized services for puppies and kittens

  • Routine physical of cubs and young animals: important to evaluate the health of the cub and highlight any congenital and hereditary problems where early diagnosis can make the difference for their future.

  • Personalized Nutritional, Therapeutic and Vaccination Consultation. .

  • Neonatal and Paediatric Surgery.

servizi gravidanza per cuccioli di cane e gatto

Specialized services - male

  • Complete Andrological Examination: for all healthy breeding animals, to be performed regularly before stud, and for those suffering from infertility or hypo fertility; in such cases, the correct diagnosis and timely treatment can lead to a quick recovery. Encompassing a clinical and ultrasound examination of all the reproductive organs, together with different secondary examinations, depending on the case.

  • Foreskin Swab Test: to find changes in the bacterial flora.

  • Sperm Analysis: fundamental to evaluate fertility.

  • Sperm Collection, Cooling and Freezing: for artificial insemination and transporting the sperm when the female lives far from the male. For high pedigree animals, between 2 and 4 years old.

  • Andrological Surgery: to correct congenital or acquired alterations, using a conservative approach to maintain the reproductive capacity of the patient.

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