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A close-knit team, continuous training and the experience gained over several years allow us to deal with routine, specialist and emergency surgeries 24 hours a day, with the possibility of pre- and post-operative hospitalization.

The department handles both surgical pathologies with acute onset coming from the Emergency Room and surgical pathologies that fall within the admission criteria of related departments and on reference from other Veterinary Centres. The veterinary hospital's surgery department comprises two operating rooms and a large multi-functional area in which the patient is prepared for surgery with washing, disinfection and shaving of the surgical area. Then, the patient is brought to the operating room. Their cardiovascular system is monitored throughout the inhalational anaesthesia. At the end of the surgery, the patient is brought into a recovery room of post-surgical hospitalisation to monitor the last step of the anaesthesia carefully.

Access is restricted to authorized medical personnel only, and is ensured following procedures that maintain the necessary sterile conditions.

Ticino Animal Hospital services are:

  • Emergency Surgery
  • Surgical Oncology
  • General Surgery
  • Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial surgery
  • Orthopaedics and Trauma surgery
  • Minimally invasive or video-laparoscopic surgery: this new technique, now standard for many procedures in human medicine, is increasingly widespread also in veterinary medicine.

Patients with major, minor, or endoscopic surgery needs are admitted to the surgery department. Admission rules:

Scheduled admission
According to the patient's condition, a veterinarian decides the admission. Before surgery, the patient undergoes haemato-biochemical or imaging examinations along with preoperative evaluations. The waiting time, from pre-hospitalisation to surgery, is determined by the type of pathology and the patient's condition.

Emergency admission
For any patient coming from Ticino Animal Hospital E.R. or other Veterinary Centres. The 24-hour surgical on-call service, 365 days a year, enables emergency surgery to be performed at any time, as soon as the patient's condition allows the procedure to be performed safely.

Ordinary or 'day surgery' approach
Surgery or invasive diagnostic or therapeutic procedures in same-day surgery are performed under sedation general or loco-regional anaesthesia, allowing the patients to return to their lifes quickly and minimising the discomfort generated by hospitalisation. It includes procedures that, due to complexity of execution, duration, risk of complications and condition of the patient, can be performed safely within the day, without the need for prolonged postoperative monitoring and, in any case, without overnight observation.

Day-surgery scheduling

Pre-surgical examination
The general visit focuses on the patient's problems, and the appropriate preoperative examinations – depending on the patient's disease and conditions – are made by appointment. At this moment, it could be suggested an anaesthesiologist visit. Informed consent and acceptance of the quote are signed, and all necessary instructions to prepare for the surgery are handed out.
The surgery date will be established at that moment or later on the phone.

The patient must fast for 12 hours before surgery. They can drink until a few hours before admission, usually between 7 AM and 9 AM. The animal will be placed in a waiting box in preparation for surgery.
The procedure is typically performed in the morning, and it doesn't take long that the patient can receive adequate postoperative follow-up. The discharge will be scheduled for the afternoon or evening, agreed upon at the end of the surgery.
On discharge, you will be given the drugs required for treatment in the following days, postoperative instructions and medical records. A follow-up visit will be scheduled on the same day.

Clinical and wound monitoring
The follow-up visit will attentively monitor the wound and postoperative recovery, including possible removal of stitches and bandages.
Further examinations may be necessary when specifically requested by the veterinarian.

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